About Us

Steve Sr. & Steve Jr.

Owls Nest is a family owned and operated boutique nursery in Miami, Florida. We have a select collection of species orchids and hybrid Tillandsias, all grown outdoors under South Florida weather conditions.  Most of the Tillandsias are hybrids developed by our founder, Steve Correale, over the past 40 years.

Steve enjoyed gardening as a youngster and moving to Miami in his early 20’s exposed him to a whole new world of tropical plants. In the 1970’s he spied an unusual plant at a local garden center, a Tillandsia, which intrigued him and led to his ongoing passion with the genus. He transformed his backyard into a
hobby nursery. He took many trips to Central and South America and into the Caribbean to collect plants.  He began to experiment with breeding Tillandsias, determining which plants worked best for him as seed or pollen parents, and how to grow out the seedlings in his backyard nursery. Steve has created or
collected over 40 new registered Tillandsias. We have a limited supply of these plants available for sale.

Steve Jr. has joined his father in the business and taken over the

day to day operations, leaving Steve Sr. more time to continue working with his beloved collection.

Availability, quantity and pricing of the collection is variable. If you are interested in any of the plants featured on this site, please contact us for details. We are able to ship domestically and internationally.